Youth Justice Program

The Youth Justice program serves youth ages 12 to 17 who are in conflict with the law to provide them with holistic life supports. The program focuses on four crucial areas: educational attainment, family well being, employment and career, and social engagement. Case Managers work closely with participants to identify goals and track ongoing progress. The program is rooted in Restorative Justice, fostering accountability among participants and endeavoring to bring peace and repair to the community. Participants are provided with opportunities to connect with mentors, develop their social skills and unpack topics such as bullying, anger management and effective decision-making. Youth can also fulfill their obligations to meet extrajudicial sanctions and Community Service Orders through the program. Case Managers work closely with participants’ lawyers and probation officers to provide strong supports for youth in court. As the majority of youth are underage, parental involvement and engagement in the program is vital. Space is limited. Contact FYI to learn more.