Youth Development Department

Youth Settlement and Leadership Stream

FYI Studio Program


Recording Studio | 3pm - 7pm

Making your first beat? Recording your first song, or wrapping up your next mixed tape? Check out the exciting world of music production in a professional recording studio. Work with experienced pros. Sign up required, space is limited! Schedule posted weekly at 1652 Keele St.


Status of Women Program

Tuesday Evenings

Creating Equitable Spaces | 4pm-7pm

The Status of Women Program is a 3 year project funded by Status of Women Canada. The goal of the project is to understand why women and girls participate at For Youth Initiative, and figure out how FYI can serve them even better. Participants develop their research and leadership skills, and engage in discussions related to community and gender. The program is available to self-identified young women ages 15 – 22 living in Weston Mount-Dennis. This is a paid program with yearly summer intake.

Application and approval is required. Contact FYI to learn more


Power Study Program

Tuesday Evenings

Power Study | 3pm-7pm

Homework giving you a headache? Thinking about life after high school? Up your grades and plan ahead with one-on-one tutors. Get free assistance in subjects like Math, Science, English, Career Planning and others. Drop by during program hours to meet the tutors and learn more!


Youth Leadership Program

Wednesday Evenings

FYI Leadership Program | 4pm-7pm

Do you want to make new friends, build up your confidence and be ready for the future? Make change in your community and get your service hours? If so, the FYI Youth Leadership Program is for you! In this program you’ll connect with others your age, participate in fun group activities and take part in conversations about important topics like bullying, life planning, freedom, making good decisions and more. You’ll also contribute to positive community projects and go on fun city outings. Sound good?

Contact FYI to learn more


Girls Group

Thursday Evenings

Girls Group | 4pm-7pm

What does it mean to be a woman? What pressures do women face? Girls Group tackles these big questions – and other topics like sexual health, relationships, family, freedom, self-esteem and how to get ahead in life. Express what you think with other young woman in a friendly group setting. Drop in to say hello and check us out!


Guys Group

Thursday Evenings

Guys Group | 4pm-7pm

Join the Brotherhood! Guys Group meets weekly to work as a team and discover what it takes to be a successful man in today’s world. We discuss topics that are important to us like life planning, identity, social pressures, family, freedom and how to make the right decisions. Check out Guys Group by dropping in and joining the team for the weekly meetup.


FYI Youth Drop-in

Friday Evenings

Drop-in | 3pm-8pm

Come, have fun and unwind on casual Fridays! Anyone’s welcome and there’s always a big turnout. Events change every week and usual themes include music, dance and the arts. Stop by, have some free snacks and kick back with friends.


Youth Justice Stream

RISE - RISE Program


4pm-7pm | Saturday 11am – 1pm

Are you or have you been involved in the criminal justice system? RISE can help you get back on your feet! This program focuses on four areas: work and career, education, family well-being and social life.

We also support you in fulfilling your obligations in extrajudicial sanctions and Community Service Orders. You’ll be a part of dynamic group discussions, inspiring activities and fun trips around the city. You’ll also learn about your individual rights and options. Program participants must be responsible and committed to the program. Space is limited. Contact FYI to learn more.