Overview: The mentor serves as a caring adult in the youths’ life and is available to listen, validate, and coach their mentee about navigating life and negotiating relationships as a young adult. Mentor Duties/Responsibilities: 1. Work alongside mentee weekly with additional ad hoc communication via telephone, email and social media as needed 2. Co-develop mentorship plan with mentee which includes goals, actions activities can include exploring opportunities for learning, meeting educational or employment goals, defining needed resources etc. 3. To be a caring adult to mentee through coaching them appropriately to manage relationships and navigating life as a young adult 4. Encourage and support youth to set and meet educational, employment, and community engagement goals 5. Facilitate and provide feedback to mentees during each session 6. Engage, encourage and conduct goal setting with mentee to successfully complete mentorship plan 7. Complete program surveys, evaluations, and other relevant administrative tasks 8. Work collaboratively, and in consultation with the Youth Mentorship Program Coordinator to best inform ongoing engagement with the mentee 9. Participate in relevant professional development opportunities Mentor Requirements/Qualification 1. Be over the age of 18 2. Vulnerable Police Reference Check Clearance (VSS) 3. Enjoy interacting, engaging, and encouraging youth 4. Good Listening skills 5. Commitment to the role (minimum 6-12 months, estimated 3 hours weekly) 6. Complete pre-screening process (application, interview, references, assessment etc.) Matching Process - Matches will be made on the consideration of age, interests, cultural and other identities etc. - Care will be given to ensure that both mentors and mentee feel comfortable with their match and have opportunities to get to know one another Benefits for Mentors: 1. Training in an array of areas such as communication, youth development, diversity etc. 2. Increased skills in working with youth 3. Support programming staff to deliver meaningful opportunities to youth in a safe and supportive environment 4. Gain new transferable skills and work experience to enhance professional profile 5. Meet and interact with new people and receive networking opportunities All Interested applicants should email [email protected] Please include your name, contact details, and how you found out about this opportunity.