Training 1: Program Evaluation for Youth-Led Initiatives

Training 1: Program Evaluation for Youth-Led Initiatives

Date and Time of Training: October 24, 2012 / 2:00pm-5:00pm
Training Topic: Program Evaluation for Youth-Led Initiatives
Location: The Office for the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth
Facilitator(s): Christa Romaldi


Training Overview

This training focused on the development of program evaluation for youth-led and youth-serving initiatives. We initially discussed the purpose of evaluation, including adjusting and improving program and service offerings, demonstrating impact to community and stakeholders, and meeting the requirements of funders and major donors.

We then discussed how to define the outcome, or change you want to see in the community and how to measure this change so you can demonstrate impact. Group activities provided time for peers to exchange ideas, share challenges and successes, and learn from one another.

Outcomes/Follow-Up Activities

This program evaluation training was broad as opposed to deep, and covered a number of important topics. In year 3 of the Agency Mentorship Program, we are going to host additional program evaluation workshops that will allow us to delve deeper into building evaluation plans and indicator development. In the meantime, participants are welcome to contact me for additional supports!


The participants enjoyed the group activities and discussion, which were fun, helpful, and brought the material to life. In addition, the facilitation was good, and made complex systems and tools more accessible to young people.

The participants shared that there was a lot of content that needed to be arranged better in order to be more effective. In addition, they suggested that we incorporate more examples from organizations and more opportunities to work on individual projects in a group setting.