Time Management and Prioritizing

Time Management and Prioritizing

Date and Time of All Group Meeting: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 / 6:00-9:00pm
Training Topic: Time Management and Prioritizing
Location: Metro Hall, Room 301
Facilitator(s): Brandy Hagborg and Christa Romaldi

Training Overview

The Time Management and Prioritization Workshop provided the opportunity for formal participating groups from the Agency Mentorship Program to discuss how they prioritize and plan in their workplace. Each group shared how priorities are determined and communicated throughout their workplace, and any challenges they face throughout this process. In this way, the groups were able to learn from each other how to tackle challenges or implement different methods of prioritization and communication.

We also shared tools that support prioritizing and planning that we found online and received from colleagues. These tools simplified project management, delegation and monitoring.

Lastly, we had an in-depth discussion on the role of the board in prioritization and how, as staff, we can ensure that the board is informed and supported to make the best possible decisions and select the most appropriate priorities for our community and our work.

Outcomes and Follow-Up Activities

Because each group went into the workshop with somewhat different needs and focus, each group will be provided follow-up in a one-on-one context. However, the success of this workshop has led us to believe that additional workshops on planning and prioritization should be offered. Expect some upcoming workshops in the next 3-6 months!


The participants commented on the useful tools that were provided, including the time management quadrants and the project management tool. They also enjoyed the peer-to-peer sharing and learned a great deal from other participants at the workshop. They also appreciated discussions around delegation and communication, which provided some new practices for the participants to try out.

In some areas, the participants would have liked to delve a bit deeper, in particular around delegation to part-time and full-time staff according to available hours and what specifically should be included in board communications.