Team Building & Selfcare in Project Management [2015 YOF Capacity Building Workshop]

Team Building & Selfcare in Project Management [2015 YOF Capacity Building Workshop]

KEM (Knowledge Exchange Meetup)-YOF Capacity Building Meetups

 YOF Capacity Building Meetups provide interactive and participatory learning and networking opportunities for YOF grantees, young leaders and allies who are interested in building knowledge of youth-led initiative development and managerial skills. Through a series of monthly Capacity Building Meetups, young leaders will be able to brainstorm, exchange/share resources, learn how to use practical tools, and expand their networks. This is an opportunity to build cross-sector alliances, skills, and knowledge for your grassroots youth-led initiative.

Team Building & Self-Care in Project Management

 The first workshop in this series provided participants the opportunity to learn new techniques and tricks from past YOF Grantees in team management and self-care.  Participants got the chance to outline their communication flow and to trace the structures of conflict resolution and management in their individual organizations. Understanding the significance of self care was an additional focus of this workshop. Through this toolkit you will be able to review the material and templates covered in the session.  Several Project Management, Conflict Resolution and Self-Care worksheets have been included to further develop and practice these skills. 

Toolkit Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand Team Structure & Communication Flow
  • Acquire Tips & Tools for Team-based Project Management
  • Craft Practical Strategies for Self-Care