No non-profit left behind: Funding the programs that serve our communities

Sharifa Makhseem

Written by: Sharifa Makhseem

There are so many challenges that non-profit organizations face and go through, such as the increasing need for unique, free and easily accessible services in the community.

If I were mayor I would make sure that the non-profit organizations are getting proper funding to run programs, to pay staff and create endless opportunities that will benefit the people in the community.

I am a youth in grade 12 who looks for meaningful services in my community. I enjoy after school programs as well as leadership programs. If it weren’t for non-profit organizations such as FYI (For Youth Initiative), I would not be writing this right now, my voice and my opinions about the issues in the city I live in would not be heard. Because of FYI I am able to do my homework in a safe space as well a space with workers that help me. I get bus tickets and food every day at FYI for being a part of their programs. They have a line up of so many great programs, programs that are fun and easy going like dance, programs that are educational like the homework club and programs that help youth like myself explore my identity and purpose like Olori (a leadership program).

As a youth who is from the North York community, my biggest concern is my safety. When I’m outside I have to always be conscious and guarded. But when we have places where we can go and get involved in the community while being safe, places like FYI. FYI is like a second home to so many youth.

I also had an opportunity to work for them in the summer and experience firsthand the amount of work they do in the community which made me appreciate them more.

Because FYI is like a home to me, it is hard to see that there are programs getting cut because the organization is running low on funding. This decreases the opportunities available for youth to better themselves. This also leaves many youth unoccupied and they may end up in the streets – and then we question why violence never ends?

So if I were a mayor I would make sure that non-profit organizations have what they need to do the important work they do.



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