Risk Management

Risk Management

Toolkit Overview:

What is Risk Management ?

Doing community work involves risk, even when we don’t realize it. Risk can impact our organization, our services, and our clients if we don’t carefully manage it. Risk is a part of most of our activities; we can’t escape it. When we make decisions about strategy, funding, programs and services, we are taking risks.

When we host events, programs, and engage with clients, we are taking risks. It is impossible to do community work without taking risks. However, there are some tried and tested practices for helping boards and staff teams identify risks, assess them, and create plans, processes and policies to help ensure that we don’t suffer bad consequences of risk.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand what risk is and how it can affect your organization.
  • To identify and apply methods for identifying and assessing risk at your organization.
  • To identify and apply methods for managing a risk at your organization. 


Slide Deck-Managing Risk

Risk Assessment : Key Risk Questions

Risk Assessment: Case Studies & Worksheets