Pros & Cons of Incorporation

Pros & Cons of Incorporation

Toolkit Overview:

Are you a grassroots youth-led initiative considering incorporation?

This toolkit is suitable for both emerging and experienced youth-led initiatives. Through this toolkit young leaders will be able to expand their knowledge, ask questions and learn how to imagine sustainability within their initiatives through exploring the benefits and pitfalls of incorporation. This toolkit is an opportunity to explore incorporation as an option for your group, consider how this may affect your operations, as well as learn about what it has looked liked for other youth-led initiatives.

Learning Objectives:

  • To better understand the pros and cons of incorporation
  • To hear about incorporation from a legal perspective
  • To learn helpful tips from an incorporated youth-led initative

*This toolkit is part of the Youth Opportunities Fund, Capacity Building Initiative project learning series


The Video

Mikey's (UNITY Charity) Presentation