Human Resources: Legislation

Human Resources: Legislation

Date and Time of All Group Meeting: October 13, 2011 / 5:30 to 8:30pm
Training Topic: Human Resources Legislation
Location: United Way of Greater Toronto, Black Creek Room
Facilitator(s): Kristie Wright and Christa Romaldi

Training Overview

This All Group Meeting provided an overview of the three key pieces of legislation that inform Human Resources Policy and Procedure: the Employment Standards Act, the Ontario Human Rights Code, and the Ontario Health and Safety Act. We discussed how these pieces of legislation affect the functioning of your staff and your organization, and how they form the foundation of a number of your organizations’ Human Resources policies and procedures.

We also spent a significant portion of the meeting discussing the new legislation surrounding workplace violence and harassment. We focused on how “violence” and “harassment” are defined in the legislation, how to identify violence and harassment at your workplace and how to address violence and harassment, should it occur.

While this was an All Group Meeting and not an open training, the Agency Mentorship Coordinator would be more than happy to go over the materials with other organizations. Please contact Christa if you would like to set up a meeting: [email protected].


Outcomes/Follow-Up Activities

The participating organizations were not provided with specific follow-up activities. Instead, we decided to host a second All Group Meeting addressing Human Resources Policies and Procedures that will support the organizations in applying the legislation to their organization policy and culture.



The organizations found the resources really helpful and felt that the resources and information were explained very clearly. The facilitators provided relatable examples from within the sector and were reflective of the work being done by the participating organizations.

The organizations agreed that we covered a lot of material; they would have preferred if the material had been shared in a more interactive format. They also would have liked more time to discuss the material and share their own examples.


Additional Links & Resources

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