Helping At-Risk Youth Succeed

Ontario is helping more young people reach their full potential by adding 35 new youth outreach workers in nine communities across the province.

The province is partnering with 16 additional community agencies, including Native Child and Family Services Toronto, to deliver the expanded Youth Outreach Worker program. Youth outreach workers support young people where they live and socialize. They identify at-risk youth, provide strong, culturally-appropriate mentorship, and connect young people to the right services and supports. Youth outreach workers often come from the same neighbourhood and, as a result, they can share relevant life experiences with the young people they assist.

Expanding the Youth Outreach Worker program is part of Ontario's Youth Action Plan, which is providing young people with more jobs and opportunities to succeed while making communities safer.

Quick Facts

  • The province is providing support for 20 youth outreach workers in the City of Toronto, including two at the Native Child and Family Services Toronto.
  • Since 2006, nearly 128,000 young people have benefited from the support and mentorship of a youth outreach worker in the province.
  • Ontario’s Youth Action Plan will benefit an additional 13,000 young people each year by moving forward on 20 initiatives, including expanding the Youth Outreach Worker program.
  • The 2008 Review on Roots of Youth Violence recognized the significant role played by youth outreach workers in connecting marginalized, isolated and disengaged youth with their schools and communities.
  • In total, 97 youth workers will deliver the Youth Outreach Worker program through nearly 50 agencies in several Ontario communities.
  • The 2013 Ontario Budget proposes to establish a Youth Jobs Strategy of $295 million over two years to create jobs and mentorship opportunities for about 30,000 youth, and promote entrepreneurship and innovation.


“Our government is committed to the success of our young people. That’s why we’re increasing the number of youth outreach workers who make connections with youth in their communities and provide valuable guidance.” Teresa Piruzza Minister of Children and Youth Services

“An outreach worker can be the only person a teenager has to turn to for support and guidance. The Youth Outreach Worker program plays a key role in reaching out to at-risk youth and steering them to the right culturally-appropriate services and supports.” Lekan OlawoyeChair, Premier’s Council on Youth Opportunities

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Original Source: Ministry of Children and Youth Services