Group Discussion: Monitoring and Evaluating Programs

Group Discussion: Monitoring and Evaluating Programs

Date and Time of All Group Meeting: Thursday, September 27, 2012 / 10:00am -1:00pm
Training Topic: Monitoring and Evaluating Programs
Location: Centre for Social Innovation—Annex Location
Facilitator(s): Christa Romaldi

Training Overview

This all group meeting served to review how theory of change and logic models, for which we did previous trainings (check them out!), facilitate and direct the development of evaluation plans. Using example models, we explored the various indicators we could use to measure various parts of the program, like inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes.

Following this, each participating group shared an example of how they have conducted program evaluation for specific programs either at present or in recent years. This fostered a discussion regarding best practices and techniques for evaluation.

Outcomes/Follow-Up Activities

In October of 2012, we will be offering a training that addresses challenges raised by the groups that attended the ‘Monitoring and Evaluating Programs’ session, as well as provides resources and information on how to build and implement an evaluation plan.


The participants really enjoyed sharing their evaluation experiences and learning from one another. They also liked working through the examples; this helped to differentiate between various stages of evaluation. For example, knowing if a training meet the participant’s expectations means you must measure the quality of the activity. This is different from an outcome, which would measure if the participants gained and applied knowledge from the training.

The participants still have questions about the use of external evaluators and how to evaluate drop-in programs, like recreational or tutoring programs. They would also like to explore some alternative methods of program evaluation, like results-based accountability.