Fundraising for Youth-led Initiatives: Raising $$$ through Events

Fundraising for Youth-led Initiatives: Raising $$$ through Events

Toolkit Overview:

Are you a grassroots youth-led initiative interested in fundraising through events?

This toolkit is suitable for both emerging and experienced youth-led initiatives and their charitable partners. Through this toolkit young leaders and allies will be able to expand their knowledge and learn how to imagine sustainability within their initiatives through fundraising events. This toolkit is an opportunity to explore how to begin fundraising as a grassroots youth-led initiative, consider navigating donations with your charitable partner, as well as review the steps to planning your own fundraising event.

Learning Objectives:

  • To better understand the advantages of how fundraising events can gain revenue and resources for your initiative
  • To learn about the steps to planning a fundraising event
  • To become familiar with boundaries of accepting donations as a grassroots, unincorporated group

*This toolkit is part of the Youth Opportunities Fund, Capacity Building Initiative project learning series



The Toolkit

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