Financial Planning and Budget Development

Financial Planning and Budget Development

Date and Time of All Group Meeting: Monday, January 30 and Monday, February 13 / 1pm-4pm
Training Topic: Financial Management: Financial Planning and Budget Development
Location: FYI’s The Bridge, 1669 Eglinton Avenue West
Facilitator(s): Patrick Warner and Christa Romaldi

Training Overview

AMP’s first Financial Management Training focused on financial decision-making and budget development. Co-facilitated by FYI’s Finance Manager extraordinaire, Patrick Warner, and AMP Coordinator, Christa Romaldi, the training began by laying out some key definitions with regards to finance. Following that, we discussed various techniques for making financial decisions and developing budgets, including the framework budget for long-term planning, and shared tools that facilitate budget devleopment.

During the training, Patrick walked the participants through budget development using budget templates he has created on Microsoft Excel. In addition, he provided a brief training on how to use Excel, including building formula. If you have any questions or concerns with regards to the material or would like to acquire more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact Christa at [email protected] or Patrick Warner at [email protected].

Outcomes/Follow-Up Activities

The participating organizations were given soft copies of the budget development templates, providing them with the opportunity to bring them back to their organizations and try them out.

In the following months, the AMP will provide a training on budget monitoring and reporting.


The organizations really enjoyed Patrick’s facilitation: his enthusiasim, his ability to provide examples, and the tips based on his extensive experience on budget development and grant writing. The organizations also enjoyed the work we did on Excel that will make budget development far more efficient. The budget development templates designed by Patrick and used throughout the training were much appreciated by the organizations.

Some the attendants would have liked the Excel portion of the training to be tiered to accommodate different skill levels. Others suggested that we provide more examples of completed budgets and more tips on policy building.