Excel for Financial Management, Level 1

Excel for Financial Management, Level 1

Date and Time of All Group Meeting: Monday, March 26, 2012/1pm-4pm
Training Topic: Excel for Financial Management, Level 1
Location: FYI’s The Bridge, 1669 Eglinton Avenue West
Facilitator(s): Patrick Warner and Christa Romaldi

Training Overview

At the Agency Mentorship Program’s last training on Financial Management, participants told us that they needed further supports to work with Excel quickly and effectively. And we responded…..

Our most recent training covered the basics of working with Excel for financial management. We discussed formatting cells, developing formulas, building and revising tables, and we addressed specific issues that posed as challenges to Excel users.

The training was very flexible and we spent a lot of time addressing specific questions and concerns. As facilitators, one of our biggest challenges was navigating the differences between PCs and Macs. We have revised our training material to reflect the differences, but please feel free to send us an email if we’ve got something wrong.

Outcomes/Follow-Up Activities

Our hope is that this training will make the previous and the next, also on financial management with a focus on tracking, monitoring, and reconciling, far easier for participants. We understand that Excel is a handy tool if you know how to use it well, but can be a major stumbling block otherwise.

In addition, we are in the works to organize an Excel for Project Management workshop in the coming months—stay tuned!


The participants were quick to mention the practicality of the training as a great attribute.  In addition, they really appreciated receiving Patrick’s amazing Excel templates that they can now use to build budgets.  The participants also commented on the energy of the facilitators, and the training, which was largely built around participants’ questions and concerns.

The participants would have liked more explicit learning goals to frame the training.  As well, they would like to learn some additional skills, for example filtering data for tracking and reporting, and project management.  Moreover, they are interested in the uses of other Microsoft office tools, like Microsoft Project.


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