HR Policy and Procedure: Documenting Relationship Org and Staff Team

HR Policy and Procedure: Documenting Relationship Org and Staff Team


What is ‘Human Resources Policy and Procedure’?

Human resources policy and procedure guide how the employer and the employee interact, as well as how employees interact with each other and the clientele/participants; they outline the responsibilities and duties of the employer and the employees. Policies and procedures must reflect human resources legislation (the laws) as well as the culture of your organization.

Once you begin to build your staff team, you will need guidelines to ensure that all staff members are treated fairly and that both employer and employees recognize their responsibilities and duties as team members. You do this through developing and implementing human resource policies and procedures.

Toolkit Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose of human resources policy and procedure in your organization.
  • Be able to identify the difference and understand the value of ‘policy’ and ‘procedure’
  • Feel prepared to begin building your organization’s human resource policy and procedure guidebook/manual.
  • Identify and mitigate (try to lessen) the challenges of interpreting and implementing human resource policy and procedure.




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