HR Legislation: Guidelines and Laws for Managing Staff

HR Legislation: Guidelines and Laws for Managing Staff

Toolkit Overview:

Have you ever thought about what HR should look like in your initiative?

Human Resources (HR) Legislation refers to the laws that guide how employers treat employees: the practices that must be followed by the employee and the way that the employee must be treated.

As your organization and your staff team grow, it is important that you understand the legal requirements of hiring and managing staff. In this toolkit, you will learn about the Employment Standards Act, Ontario Human Rights Code, and  Ontario Health and Safety Act.  

Learning Objectives:

  • To build knowledge and understanding about HR legislation in the workplace
  • To demonstrate and illustrate how different legislative elements apply to workplaces
  • To provide worksheets and tools that facilitate practical skill building  and application of knowledge around HR legislation

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Human Resources Legislation

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Expectations of Employers

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