Board Models

Board Models


Depending on the size and scope of your organization, your Boards of directors’ roles can look very different. They can participate in running the organization, like an Operating/Working Board, or only address operations and strategy, like a Policy Board. Your Governance Model/Board Type is not static; it can change as your organization grows and evolves.

Take some time to explore the different Governance Models/Board Types —this toolkit does not provide an exhaustive list as there are many variations or combinations of Models/Types that you can utilize. The Model/Type you select should be right for your organization: the size, the scope of your work, your community, your organizational culture, and your strategy moving forward.

Toolkit Learning Objectives:

• Understand Nonprofit Governance Models/Board Types
• Identify some of the key characteristics of 4 basic board models
• Be able to propose a Model/Type for your organization


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