CORE (Centre for Organizational Resilience)

Building the Capacity of Youth-led Organizations

Creating a Sustainable & Responsive Youth-led Sector


The Centre for Organizational Resilience (CORE) at FYI strives to build the capacity of youth-led initiatives and youth serving organizations. CORE supports organizational staff and leadership to develop the skills, knowledge, and networks required to build organizational effectiveness and leadership capacity.

Through CORE, FYI aims to champion, cultivate and bridge meaningful leadership and organizational capacity development opportunities. FYI promotes and enables Ontario youth to play a role in informing the decision that affect them in their community while leveraging their assets in addressing social issues. CORE’s end goal is to support youth-led initiatives and young leaders to make positive impact and lasting change in their communities so they can have a stronger voice in the broader civic arena, and become life-long leaders in the non-profit sector.


CORE's Wraparound Capacity Building Support 

  • Knowledge Exchange Meetup (KEM): To equip young leaders with how to effectively run and sustain their initiative/organization. Through a series of skill-building workshops, young leaders will learn leadership and management skills, implement best practices, and develop infrastructure needed to grow as a sustainable youth-led organization in non-profit sector
  • One-on-one mentorship: To discuss roadblocks, facilitate introductions, share resources, ask questions about workshop materials, sector practice, or related systems, seek feedback on emerging ideas, and develop strategies and plans to tackle challenges
  • Skilled-volunteer matching: To connect youth-led organizations with skilled-volunteers who can support young leaders’ capacity building goals. CORE team provides matching support with the intention of building trusting and lasting relationship between two parties
  • Network development: To create opportunities for youth-led organizations to connect with peers, as well as diverse adult allies in order to reflect, share challenges, and exchange ideas and strategies for success. Through intentional relationship building activities at CORE’s networking events, established and emerging youth-led groups, adult allies, key stakeholders of youth-led sector, and community members will be able to extend their networks
  • Online toolkits: To provide universal access for any groups to benefit. CORE team is aware that many youth-led organizations outside the GTA are in need of capacity building support. In order to respond to the existing needs, CORE team has developed multiple online toolkits, with hopes of sharing resources with more young leaders and youth-led organizations. If you’re interested, check them out here.
  • Administrative Support Partnership (ASP): To help youth-led organizations build skills and knowledge of organizational effectiveness, sustainability and leadership capacity. CORE team’s goal for ASP service is to equip young leaders with necessary administrative and financial management skills and knowledge for independence and self-sufficiency. If you are interested, email at or call us at 416-653-3311.  

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